Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring



Monitoring of toxic substances (industrial hygiene) as per MOM WSHA regulations.

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Industrial Hygiene Testing

STATS provides detailed industrial hygiene testing and monitoring services with an emphasis in exposure assessment and risk characterization. Our monitoring services include the use of internationally approved standards like OSHA and NIOSH. All tests are carried out in our SAC Singlas accredited laboratories. The experience of our staff enables STATS to ensure that hazardous health exposures are correctly identified and solutions are delivered within management-driven time frames and budgets. STATS is a service provider offering hygiene monitoring services accredited by MOM.

What is monitoring?

Monitoring helps you assess your workers’ level of exposure to hazards and how effective your hazard control measures are. You should evaluate the results of workplace monitoring and take the necessary measures to safeguard your workers’ health. You should also inform employees of the results and keep a record.

Toxic substances monitoring

If your workplace uses or generates toxic substances, you must conduct regular monitoring. Toxic substances monitoring must be done by a competent person.

In Singapore, industrial hygiene monitoring must be done by a competent person. The competent persons must have the relevant WSQ certification, including the following:

For noise monitoring, they should complete the Monitoring Noise and Vibration course.

For toxic substance monitoring, they should complete the Measure Exposure and Assess the Risk due to Hazardous Substances course.

STATS employs only competent person to conduct the monitoring. The certificates of the competent person will be provided upon request.